Three Enigmas of Our Day: Resolved!

Many of today’s seemingly intractable problems find a resolution when they are re-examined in the light of that wonderful book, the Bible. The following are three enigmas of our day which, despite decades of research, continue to mystify scientists. Does the Bible have answers?

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

Billions of pounds have been spent over many decades to fund the search for life and intelligence beyond our earth. Astronomers listen for patterned signals that would indicate intelligent communication. Exorbitantly expensive missions have sent probes into space looking for evidence of life, intelligent or otherwise. So far, no satisfactory evidence of life has been found. Scientists will continue to search, because they believe that our earth cannot be the only planet in the universe to have ‘evolved’ life.

The Search for Dark Matter

Astronomers believe that around 80% of the universe is made up of “dark matter”; stuff that does not give out light energy, so is almost undetectable. They believe this great mass of dark matter exists, because otherwise the beautiful spiral structure of galaxies could not persist for billions of years, and the galaxies would have dissipated into formless blobs a long time ago. In an effort to detect dark matter, a giant bath containing a ton of liquid xenon, brimming with sensors, was sited in a cave a mile below earth’s surface. It was hoped that the sensors would pick up evidence of this enormously abundant, yet strangely elusive material. Sadly, nothing was detected. Yet scientists believe the dark matter must be out there, and so they will build an even more sophisticated detection system, and they will continue the search.

Remarkable Ancient Bible Texts

Scholars have studied the thousands of ancient Bible texts, from small fragments to whole books of the Bible, which have survived many centuries of history. They are trying to understand why the majority of these old texts are in such close agreement with each other. Ancient writings are known to deteriorate through copying and re-copying over the years. However, the great majority of Bible remnants contain text that is virtually identical to today’s Bible. This is an enigma for modern textual critics, who have no explanation for the consistency of these old documents.


These three enigmas have something in common. It is this: Bible believing Christians do not see any of them as problematic! Here is the Biblical perspective on each ‘enigma’ that blows away the confusion:

SETI: the Biblical answer – The Bible describes God’s creation of the earth, followed by the sun, moon and stars. It tells us that mankind is the final work of creation, after which God rested. Where, then, could extra-terrestrials fit into this picture? The Bible makes no mention of other ‘earths’. Bible believers therefore do not expect the SETI programme to find life anywhere else in the universe. God is the only intelligence out there, and He has already revealed Himself to us in the Bible.

Dark Matter: the Biblical answer – Bible believers accept the biblical timeline for the age of the universe. According to the accounts in Genesis, God’s creation is only a few thousand years old. Therefore believers do not have a problem with the present consistency of the universe. The galaxies remain intact because they were made recently! It is not ‘dark matter’ that holds the galaxies together, it is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, the God of the Bible.

Preserved Bible Texts: the Biblical answer – God is the author of the Bible. The Bible is His message to mankind so that we can find out about God, and also know Him. If God is the Creator of all things, then He is certainly able to preserve His message intact. The Almighty Creator God has maintained the integrity of the Bible in all ages for the benefit of all people.

Why not start exploring God’s wonderfully preserved message today? May God lead you to find in its pages the answers to all of life’s mysteries!

For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven. Psalm 119:89

Thy word is truth. John 17:17