Time for a Good Shake

The world in 2017 seems to be more unstable than ever. We are in a time of political upheaval internationally. Here in Britain we are very much at sea: in the process of separation from Europe and looking elsewhere for economic partners, while at the same time we ponder the security of our own United Kingdom as Scotland again eyes independence.

In times like these, if you don’t have a spiritual grounding, then you are truly adrift.

Often, people fail to consider their eternal destiny because they are comfortable. Britain has been a prosperous country for many years and our standard of living has been good. As a nation we have prided ourselves in our ability to punch above our weight politically and economically. As individuals we have enjoyed freedom and relative wealth. We have wanted for little, and so we have contented ourselves that we have no need for God.

Now all around us things are becoming unsettled, some may begin to realise that they have a need. I truly hope that is the case for many people in our land. God, please show them their need!

As a Christian worker who has spent many years knocking on doors and speaking to ordinary British people, I have generally witnessed a sad lack of interest in spiritual matters. There is little or no recognition that God exists, or that He has an interest in people. But worse than that, there is an apathy; many people really don’t care one way or the other. They don’t know if God exists, and they have no interest in finding out. Why? Because they are comfortable.

I pray that God will make people uncomfortable! I pray that He will give this country a shake. People need to see their lack of a spiritual foundation, and to feel the unease that that realisation brings. Then we might see some changes! Our empty churches might begin to fill with lost souls looking for answers. Oh, I hope our preachers are ready with a clear gospel message!

What about you?

If you are reading this article and you have not sorted out your eternal destiny, I strongly encourage you to call upon God. Ask Him to show you the truth. Pick up a Bible and read John’s Gospel. Start seeking in earnest, and God will help you. Don’t leave this important matter undone for another day. You do not know for sure that tomorrow will come.